The Essentials

All those little necessities for your craft Bag.

Cable Needles, Point Protectors, Scissors, Stitch Markers, Gauges, Darning Needles, Stitch Holders, Tape Measures and much more.


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Clover - Kacha Kacha Row Counter - IN STOCK

Push the top of the counter each time a stitch or row is completed. Each push advances the count by one from 0 up to 99.

Clover Point Protectors - Large 2pk - AVAILABLE NOW

Large Point Protectors by Clover - Purple

Dritz - T Pins 2.5" - IN STOCK

Dritz T Pins 2.5" (5cm). 100Pk. Nickel Plated Steel

Hiya Hiya - Coloured Knitters Safety Pins - AVAILABLE NOW

Hiya Hiya - Safety Pins - NO COIL - 12Pk

Hiya Hiya - Knitters Safety Pins - AVAILABLE NOW

Hiya Hiya - Safety Pins - NO COIL - 20pk, Gold & Silver

Hiya Hiya - Locking Stitch Markers - PRE ORDER

Hiya Hiya - Plastic Locking Stitch Markers - Pack 20

Hiya Hiya - Plastic Cable Needles 3pk - PRE ORDER

Hiya Hiya - Cable Needles - Pk 3 - Small, Medium & Large

Hiya Hiya - Point Protectors 2pk - AVAILABLE NOW

Small & Large Point Protectors by Hiya Hiya - Small Pink - Large Green

Hiya Hiya - Yarn Ball Stitch Markers - IN STOCK

Hiya Hiya - Stitch Markers - 6 Yarn Balls

Hiya Hiya Darn It Needles 3PK - PRE ORDER

Hiya Hiya - Darning Needles 3pk - Coloured

Kitty Snips - Varies - AVAILABLE NOW

The popular Kitty 'snips' by Hiya Hiya - come in a variety of colours. Cute little scissors that can be 'hidden'

Sheep Needle Gauge - IN STOCK

Hiya Hiya - Sheep Needle Gauge

Small Folding Scissors - 85mm - AVAILABLE NOW

85mm Folding Scissors - No need to worry about the point as it is protected DISCONTINUING
$4.55 $2.73

Stiletto Awl Multi Tool - PRE ORDER

Combination tool used in guiding fabric and piercing holes. Rubber tipped stiletto for better fabric grip while easing fabric under machine needle. Sharp point awl used for piercing holes. Stiletto acts as protective cover when storing. Ergonomic grip and hold.

Susan Bates - Finishing Needles - PRE ORDER

Unique eye extends the length of the needle. Easy to thread and weave in short ends. For Yarn Weights 0 - 6