Needles & Hooks

Looking for Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks, all the little things for that accessory bag?  You have found the right area.

Knitting Needles - Straight, Circular, Double Points,

Crochet Hooks - Aluminium, Bamboo, Ergonomic

Interchangable - Knitting & Crochet Kits, and those added extras (tips, cables etc)

Supplies - all those 'little, essential' items, ie, tape measures, needles, point protectors, scissors etc

NAMASTE PRODUCTS - Yes Namaste is here to stay.  All PRE ORDER though


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Knit Saver - Interchangable Cable 32" - 80cm - AVAILABLE NOW

Hiya Hiya - Knit Saver Cable - 32" (80cm) - Blue - Small - great for lace knitting as has lifeline holes
$7.00 excl tax

LB 14" Single Point - 12.75mm - NIL STOCK

12.75mm by Lion Brand
$14.00 excl tax

LB Circular - 12.75mm - PRE ORDER

Lion Brand - 29" Circular with a 75cm cord.
$30.00 excl tax

Magic Loop Sock Set 40" Sharp- PRE ORDER

Hiya Hiya - This set includes 2.25cm, 2.5cm, 2.75, & 3mm 40" (100cm) Sharp Stainless Steel Circular Needles. The Brocade case features 26 pockets, it measures approx 21cm x 12.5cm. Case and cable Colours will vary.
$71.50 excl tax

SB - Luxite Bulky Crochet Hook - 16mm - IN STOCK

Susan Bates - 8" - US Size Q
$5.00 excl tax

Silvalume Crochet Hook Set (Small) - AVAILABLE NOW

Susan Bates - Set includes 4 hooks in sizes C2/2.75mm, D3/3.25mm, E4/3.5mm, F5/3.75
$12.00 excl tax