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Birch - Circular Row Counter - IN STOCK

Row counter able to be used as a stitch marker in circular knitting. AKA - Counter on Card. Photo is Reference, those may not be the colours you receive
$2.73 incl tax excluding shipping

Birch - Row Counter - Duo - AVAILABLE NOW

Small & Large Counter for needle range 2mm - 7.5mm
$3.64 incl tax excluding shipping

HYHY - 60" Tape Measure - IN STOCK

Hiya Hiya - Tape Measure - 60"/150cm length - Measurements in inches and cm's - Auto Retract - Colour & Design Random
$6.82 incl tax excluding shipping

HYHY - Panda Click It - Row Counter - NIL STOCK

Hiya Hiya - Track your project with this cute counter. Features Easy touch mechanism and a lock function which prevents accidentally clicks
$12.28 incl tax excluding shipping

HYHY - Sheep Needle Gauge - IN STOCK

Hiya Hiya - Sheep Needle Gauge has both US & Metric measures US 6-0 to 19 Metric .7mm-15mm
$7.60 incl tax excluding shipping

Kacha Kacha - Row Counter - IN STOCK

Push the top of the counter each time a stitch or row is completed. Each push advances the count by one from 0 up to 99.
$15.02 incl tax excluding shipping